So you're somehow stuck with marketing?

Hi! I'm Ilse. I help you build and grow your marketing team.

In a nutshell?

I'm an experienced marketing lead and ex-CMO. Perfectly trilingual, with experience building, scaling, (re)structuring and coaching marketing teams. Got a (digital) marketing team you need to get on track?

What I can help with.

How I can help build and level up your marketing team.

Team skills

Identify and map your team skills.

Personal development

A plan for every marketeer and their manager.

Processes and tools

Turn a loose projectile into a smoothly running team.


A sparring partner and coach for all your management challenges.

Talent acquisition

Good marketeers are recruited with the help of other good marketeers.


The road to building a future-proof marketing team.

Wanna get together?

Our awesome features

What I don't do.

Just so we're on the same page, here are some things you shouldn't hire me for:


I am not a recruiter. I don't headhunt or bring you interesting profiles (unless i happen to know someone in my network ofcourse). I do get you in touch with the right partners and guide you through the process.

Interim management

I don't come in to manage your team for you. I help and coach existing management or founders to get them to the next level. I am not part of your day to day.


I'm not an executive marketeer. Not because I don't want to. There are just loads of marketeers that are more efficient in setting up and optimising your facebook campaigns.

Who can I help?


You've got a thousand different things to do. All equally important for your company's growth. And, let's face it, marketing isn't necessarily your field of expertise. Building a marketing team is something ideally done together with a marketeer. Me, for example :)


You head a marketing team. But are you prepared? Is it your first time in a leadership position? Or do you face a specific challenge? I coach and guide you to make your marketing team reach its fullest potential.


Got asked to recruit or manage the personal development of the marketing team? It's a hard task to get a handle on all of the different expertises and roles. I can help you navigate.

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My background.

I never thought I'd be working in marketing or be a manager. Turns out I'm quite an awesome marketing manager. My past experiences include a role as CMO for Newpharma and VP demand generation for Sortlist.

About me.


15 years in marketing and over ten years as teamlead, CMO and VP. I've spent loads of time strategically building and managing marketing teams.


I quickly spot sensitivities, challenges and opportunities in a team. For a stronger whole based on rock solid elements.


In the end, it's all about results and growth. Even (or especially?) building and managing a team. Growth for your company, your team and yourself.


I got my training and experience in startups and scale-ups. This means I'm no-nonsense, to the point and efficient. No fluff, maximum impact.

What others say.

There are some people/managers who leave a strong mark on your career. Ilse is one of them. She is able to give you the guidance and direction, whilst motivating you, has a strong vision and leave you space without any unnecessary pressure. With Ilse, you are not a resource, you are part of the solution. If I have the chance to work for or with her in the future, it will be without any hesitation and with a great pleasure.

Jerome C.
Customer Journey Activator

Ilse is a bad ass female marketer with a free spirit and an incredible sense of professionalism. Feet on the ground, she goes to the essence of things and help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Very good listener, she manages her team with care in the respect of everyone's personality. With Ilse, you are sure your business is in good hands and you are going to reach unexpected heights.

Leila E.
Digital Marketing / Growth

Ilse was my Manager for 2 years, what an incredible experience! She has an exceptional expertise in Marketing, from SEA to analytics and all kind of acquisition, partnerships and performance campaigns. She has strong analytical skills, masters ROI and negociation. Moreover, she is a great team leader, her human values are gold. I found her expertise both inspiring and motivating!

Pauline A.
Marketing Coordinator

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I have opinions.

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